Racoon Problem

Raccoon Control Exterminator. Affordable Raccoon Removal

AB Wildlife Removal Noises in the attic. Repair raccoon damage and prevent raccoon reentry. Raccoons in attics, chimneys and fireplaces out. Athens Decatur Raccoons tearing up trash cans and dumpsters is nothing new. Metal Trash cans and lock them using their matching lids . We capture problem raccoon.

Our Removal Specialists know and understand raccoon’s,  their diet, behavior and most important we know how to trap raccoon’s out of attics, chimneys, crawl spaces, fireplaces, wood burning stoves, eaves, soffits, fascia.

We inspect your home and identify all possible raccoon entry and exits points from your home or building. We set traps and make every effort to try to keep mother and young always together. We never have a problem working with a local wildlife rehabilitation  when both mother and babies come together . Chances are they will be examined to see that they are all healthy and released into the local wilds somewhere.

A Little About Raccoon Trapping

In the city, suburbs or multiple family subdivisions it is the norm for raccoon’s to be trapped in a variety of different cages.  Just about anything we bring on your property is dog, pet and child safe but they will still may require any supervision . We may even have dog proof raccoon handcuffs  that can be used to catch the reach of a pesky raccoon , and have raccoon cages made for chimneys and of many different sizes.

Why Raccoon Attic Cleanups Are Necessary

A raccoon in a attic is not really a good idea from a health standpoint. Raccoon’s naturally can carry a variety of diseases like distemper, rabies, and raccoon roundworm. The big threat is raccoon roundworm. The smart thing would be to have your attic cleaned after your home’s raccoon exclusion was successful, the reminder of your home sealed and buttoned up for future raccoon prevention and protection

Raccoon Roundworm

Because of the possibility of infection with Baylisascaris by raccoons, people are advised not to even  raise raccoons as pets. It is impossible to detect whether or not raccoon roundworm is present in your attic insulation or not. We cleanse, sanitize and deodorize  all raccoon toilets, droppings, feces, raccoon urine soaked attic insulation as a bio hazardous material. Raccoon droppings do not belong in attics and your insurance policy probably covers it . If rehabilitators are raising raccoons they should take precautions (wear rubber gloves and practice good personal hygiene) when handling raccoon feces, and dispose of the feces quickly (it takes 30 days for the eggs to embryonate) and properly (burning).

The presence of  Raccoon Roundworm in your attic is always a possibility but man and raccoon’s have lived among st each other for centuries so the chances have always been possible , minimal still yet possible .

Raccoon’s make toilets where they urinate and defecate pockets of raccoon piss and raccoon feces in your attic and with out  the removal of the contaminated attic insulation . If you have raccoon droppings in your attic we may be able to help you document a claim with your homeowners insurance company.