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Animal and Bug Hunters  – Exterminating Pediatric Cancer

Animal and Bug Hunters  is a family business here in the Pacific Northwest. Most people don’t understand the meaning of a family business, well my definition is ” a family business is a job that you have control of, to direct it’s success and  judging that success by the happiness of your family”. There have been many ups and downs in the area of our business but my success was to supply my wife and our three kids with a stable and happy home. My wife Connie and I have been able to raise all of our kids without the typical daycare headaches that come with having kids and trying to work. This business has supplied us with a very happy life, three great kids and 21 years of marriage, for that we are very thankful to all of you.

Having a family business also means that when one of the family gets sick, everything and everyone feels the weight. When our youngest son Tyler got diagnosed with a brain tumor in June of 2006, the entire world came to a stop for us. It was at that time that we realized that our business is as big apart of our family as I am. We had no idea what or how to deal with the fact that not only one of the family is sick but it would also require one of the main people of the business to leave and take care of that family member. So as most families do, we pulled up the boot straps and moved on into the unknown.

Connie was out of our office for 8 months while her and Tyler where in Memphis Tn. at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital for his cancer treatments after surgery. I was lost at this time, not only am I worried everyday about our son, and my best friend is gone too, ( Connie ) but I don’t have my office manager. While I’m here in Washington going grey trying to keep everything together, Connie and Tyler are battle cancer head on and  meeting other families with very sick kids at St. Jude’s. As Connie talks to a lot of people down there she keeps me updated every hour on what is going on with Tyler.

Connie meets dozens of people that have lost or sold everything to get their kids the treatments that they need. Most of these people do not own their own business, they work for one, and in most cases they have lost their jobs due to the extension of time that is required to take care of a sick child. Most of these people did not have the blessing of having a family business. This helps ease some of the pain that we had but it also opened our eyes to a major problem in our society. These people have lost all that they have to help their children and in some  of the cases they loose the child too.

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital does not charge these families for the treatment that they receive but by the time the kids reach St. Jude’s they have already been to a few other hospitals and the damage is already done. But by St. Jude’s not charging these families that means that they work off of donations from the public. If the public does not support the research at St. Jude’s this kids would not have a fighting chance to beat their cancer. There are thousands of sick kids that rely upon St. Jude’s for the research that they do. Every hospital in the WORLD is allowed to use the cancer protocol that are developed and tested at St. Jude’s for FREE.

St. Jude’s also takes care of the families too, there are housing areas that they can use, they arrange transportation for the families, and they keep the family unit together while the child is going through the treatments.  The community around St. Jude’s also helps out the families and patients. Grocery stores donate gift cards to the families every week. Restaurants allow the kids to eat free or donate all of their sale from one day to St. Jude’s, Local car clubs have a car show in the parking lot so all of the kids can come out and see cool cars. The circus sets up in the front of the hospital for the kids to enjoy. This place is unbelievable to see.

As I mentioned before, some families lose the child, well Connie and I lost Tyler in May of 2007. After a long, strong battle with cancer the sweetest, strongest boy in the world went to his place of peace. So for all that we have learned and for all that we have lost, Animal and Bug Hunters  Pest Control will be forever connected to St. Jude’s. No other family needs to feel the loss of a child and loose everything that made them a family. So please help Animal and Bug Hunters exterminate cancer. We will be making a quarterly donation to St. Jude’s from the proceeds of each quarters’ end in Tyler’s name.