Lawn Pest Control

Chemical Controls in Lawns

Pesticides are not to be applied unless there is a definite infestation and the offending pest has been identified. The county agent will know and the experts in the pesticide field can tell you exactly what the pest is and what methods it will take to get rid of the problem.

Pesticides should be used strictly by the directions and only under the situations prescribed.

Never use pesticides around children or animals (and this means not letting them onto the grass until the drying time is complete), never use in the wind, never use near a water source, never use in a run-off area especially if it looks like rain, never apply when the temperature is above recommendation because this only evaporates the spray and intensifies the chemical but will burn the grass and kill it. Always water the lawn thoroughly a day before being sprayed to condition the grass for the application of the chemical.

Lawn Pests – Nighttime feeders

The majority of insects are nighttime feeders and the very best time to apply sprays for the contact of the largest number will be late in the evening AFTER the temperature has fallen below the recommended degree. And the sun is fading fast. For those of us who live in the truly hot climates this will of course be a harder task to wait until the sun is about gone but it can be done. Sprays are rather easy and are applied with a hose feeder container. They work rather swiftly in the contact method and also can come in the systemic version.

Systemic simply means that the pesticide goes down to the roots and is taken into the tissue of the plant and eaten by the pest and poisoned. Slower acting but a little more final in one way. Granular pesticides are systemic and contact killers also. They are applied evenly with a spreader and absorb the moisture and slow dissolve. They do not act as swiftly as sprays but there are some insects further in the grass plant that they can reach and safer to use for people who cannot use sprays because of health issues.

Lawn Pests – Good Bugs!

No matter which pesticide routine you choose remember that you are also killing GOOD bugs and organisms which help the grass and the ground so be absolutely sure you have a number worth controlling and have identified which pest is best controlled by the correct pesticide.