Rashed and Rashad Gabriel

Twins Robbed And Almost Killed Following Spice Mas

  • 23 August, 2014
  • by Grenada Spot

Young male twins are waking everyday counting their lucky stars after they faced death at the hands of bandits just a few days after enjoying themselves at Spicemas 2014.

What's more chilling is that one of the two boys stared death in the face twice within a two hour period at separate incidents on that horrifying night in St George's last week Friday. Brothers Rashed and Rashad Gabriel told Informer Inside Carriacou and Petite Martinique that the attacks are still fresh and chilling in their memories.

Rashed ( in white T-shirt) said that it was about 9 pm when he was crossing Cross Street and one of two men standing there called him to the side. One he said seemed in his 30s and the other in his 20s. The senior man he said asked him where he is from and he said Carriacou.

The man he pointed out replied, "You is a foreigner as I don't like Kayaks." He said he told the serious looking man "no we are all one." He said the man then asked to use his phone which he acceded too. The man he said returned the phone and as he was departing called "Wait let me see your finger."

He then asked him to remove his gold ring which he explained was firmly lodged on his finger and could not be removed. The defiant man he said replied that if the ring could not be removed he was going to shoot him. In fear the young man pointed out, he removed the ring and showed it to the man whom he said was by that time very aggressive.

"By that time I was really scared and decided to proceed with their plan," said a shaken looking Rashed in the presence of his twin brother at their Beausejour home.

Rashed said the men then began searching his pockets and ordered him into a dark corner. The senior of the two bandits he said then took the phone to call who he said was "The Boss." According to the young man he heard him asking the person "What should we to do with him. Take him to you or take all he has ?" He said he told the man that his brother had the money and that he was a strong person.

"He asked me if I can remember his face and I told him no," said Rashed. According to him the man then told him to walk out and if he looks back they were going to shoot him. In fear he said he rushed to the Criminal Investigative Department (CID) where he logged a report. From there he said he called his twin brother, Rashad and asked him to meet him at the CID office.

After completing the report the two said the weather began getting inclement with rain, thunder and lightning. They were then taken into a police jeep and driven into the River Road area in search of the men. However the search proved futile.

On their return into the city they decided to rush to the bus terminus to secure transportation to take them home in Tempe. By this time, after 10pm the weather had been steadily deteriorating. After waiting for sometime without any success they then decided to walk and got as far as the foot of cemetery hill when they took shelter from the weather at the small building/ bus stop there.

After being there for a short time they noticed a man descending from cemetery hill travelling in their direction. They said they were of the impression that he was also seeking shelter.

But according to the two as the man approached them in the building he immediately pulled out a long sharp cutlass and fired a chop at their heads. The twins said that they were able to quickly raise their hands and ward off the blow.

They said the man was saying that he was hungry and would kill them. Rashed said he held the man's hand as Rashad escaped and ran out. But Rashad (in black T-shirt) said that after escaping he knew that he could not leave his brother alone in the fight.

"I rushed back inside and told the man leave him and take my phone and I gave him $10.00 while Rashed gave him $20.00," pointed out Rashad. The two then returned to the CID to lodge another report but were told to return the following day.

According to the twins they were surprised when the officers at the department refused them a ride home so late in the night and in dangerous weather. They said that the officer on duty claimed that no transport was available at the time.

They reported that they made their way home on foot close to midnight via upper Lucas Street, past the roundabout and down into Tempe.

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