Steve Mcqueen Grenadas Future Creatives

Steve Mcqueen Grenadas Future Creatives

  • 13 October, 2014
  • by Grenada Spot

By Asher Mains, Art and Soul Gallery

Although Grenada is small in land area and population, she has produced international superstars. Kirani James is the first that comes to mind for most people. His gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London gave Grenada the highest per capita medal count in the world. Eddie Bullen is a Grenadian musician and producer of over 150 albums. Bullen has been nominated for a Grammy and won a Canadian Juno Award in 1985. Lewis Hamilton, racecar driver, has had 9 top five finishes in Formula One racing in the past 9 years. Most recently, Steve McQueen, a son of Grenada living in England, not only won the (UK) Turner Prize in 1999 (one of the highest honours given in the arts), but was also been selected to show work at the Venice Biennale in and 2013, the most prestigious forum for the exhibition of art in the world. In addition, besides directing Hunger (2008) which lured in 36 international film awards and nominated for an additional 22. McQueen's film Shame (2011) won 27 awards while nominated for 57. Many people would consider themselves successful in their career if they had achieved what McQueen had at that point. Then McQueen directed 12 Years a Slave. 12 Years a Slave has won 96 international film awards and is nominated for an additional 124. Steve McQueen is an indomitable creative force in the world and Grenada runs through his veins.

Grenada is a mother that has difficulty recognising her children. Typically in a healthy home, a child's achievements are lauded. If the child came first in common entrance, the neighbours hear about it. If the child gets a certain number of O or A levels, it becomes common knowledge in the area. Even if someone else's child comes into the home and does something beautiful like Jason deCaires Taylor's underwater sculpture park, you invite your neighbours to come and see your wonderful new addition. Mexico, by contrast, has embraced its own underwater sculpture park from Taylor and has used it to tell the global community about Mexico as a destination. Grenada has children out in the world achieving and no amount of awards and accolades (and personal communication with relevant members of government) have managed to gain Grenada's attention. In all respects, Grenada's children have been awarded some of the world's greatest honours and Grenada's level of recognition for them has been negligent.

Steve McQueen photo courtesy usatoday.com

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