Mr. Gold'n Carriacou Grenada

Groovy King Sends Early Warning

  • 22 September, 2014
  • by Grenada Spot

If the crop of finalists for the 2015 Groovy finals thinks that they would have an easy parade on stage to capture the crown from the current king, they will have to think again.

And he is not coming for one but two titles as he has decided to throw his hat into the Calypso ring.

Gold’N (Mathew Joseph) is sending early warning that he will be coming to retain the crown and that those who are seriously considering ending his one year reign would do better concentrating on the second position at best.

“I always approach the stage as a business and therefore there is always a strong element of professionalism when the gold (Gold’N) touches the mike on stage” said the golden voice Gold’N. “They would have to produce a super human performance to even get close to silver much less to reach gold.”

He entered the Xpert studios last Saturday to lay down the groovy track he would be presenting to the judges in quest of becoming the first artiste to twice capture the Groovy title.

“My calypso would be entitled –issues – and would bring to the fore several of the burning ones which are affecting today’s society.” He pointed out.

Gold’N who’s only experience in competition has been in the Groovy since debuting in 2012 warns that although it would be his first time in the Dimanche Gras he will be a force to be reckoned with.

He is expecting the standard of the various song competitions to be an improvement from last year, which he says was high.

Meantime he is also putting his fans on alert as he would be releasing a “sweet” Christmas song for the yuletide season.


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