Grenada Doctor Claims Chikungunya Virus Now At Epidemic Level

  • 19 September, 2014
  • by Grenada Spot

A medical practitioner has said that the Chikungunya virus had reached epidemic level in Grenada and is urging the population to dispel the myth that the disease is spread by other means except the aedes egypti mosquito.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has called on nationals to be compassionate towards those affected by the virus.

“It’s massive! It is not hitting one side of the country or one group of persons. Everyone is going through it. It is a serious issue and we have to show love and compassion.”

Dr. Francis Martin said the virus has reached epidemic proportions with close to 60 per cent of the population manifesting symptoms which he said could be linked to the fact that people are refusing to accept that the virus is spread by the mosquito.

“As a people we try to shift blame, or shift things because it removes our responsibility.

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