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Carcip Grenada To Issue Second Call For Applicants For EC$150,000 In Grant Funding

  • 04 December, 2015
  • by Grenada Spot

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada -- Up to EC$150,000 in grant funding is available to Grenadians with businesses or business ideas, through the Caribbean Regional Communication Infrastructure Program (CARCIP).

The government of Grenada will announce a second call for applications for grant funding designed to help entrepreneurs to establish new businesses or develop existing ones.

“Every business idea starts with a decision to try,” said Alice Bain, project coordinator of CARCIP Grenada.

“Many young people have business ideas, many young people want to innovate, but keep their ideas in secret. Ideas in secret die. CARCIP is here to support persons who want to develop and grow their business ideas.”

CARCIP is a World Bank-funded programme that aims to advance the development of a technology-enabled services industry in the Caribbean region. The grant funding application process will be opened only to technology-enabled businesses and businesses in the technology sector.

To help interested person to apply for the grants, CARCIP will run a nationwide series of training workshops. Participants will learn how to prepare the application form for the grant funding, and how to prepare business plans.

“We’re still evaluating the responses we got from our previous call for applications, and we will be notifying those applicants as soon as that process is completed. We do apologise for the late processing,” Bain said.

The workshop series is part of the wider ongoing effort by the Grenada government to support Internet-based economic growth, under the umbrella of CARCIP. Funded by the International Development Association of the World Bank and coordinated by the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, CARCIP seeks to help Caribbean governments to harmonise the development of critical telecommunications infrastructure across the region.

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