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  • 02 February, 2015
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21 year old rapper the million $$ accent aka rawdeal the dapa.Birth name Clevon A Alexander born on March 4th 1990 in Grenada West Indies.Came to America with a dream of being a problem in the music industry.While husting on the streets of Brooklyn,New York he formed a music group BSUNIT.DAPAGANG under the management of super producer AONE.

Which then gave him access to expand his horizons rapping all over the New York area giving him a BUZZ allowing him to release 5 mixtapes.Hosted by TRAP_A_HOLICS,SUPERMARIO,DJ HYPONIC,DJ RATED R AND AONE HIMSELF.Collaborating with many well known artists in the game.

Being in the industry for quite some time and being able to observe the business he is now capable of marketing his own brand breaking down the doors of rap music.With his (unique style and commanding presence)known as the DAPA WAVE™ Respesenting his caribbean background has given him an opportunity to have a fan base all over the caribbean.While interviewing RawdealTheDapa million $$ accent I can't help but notice his drive and I must say this young man is destined for greatness.

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