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  • 02 February, 2015
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Born and grown up on the island of Grenada, Black Majik is a singer, rapper, record-producer and actor. He's best known for producing hits for various famous artists such as Sizzla, Beenie Man, Benjai, and some of Grenada's very own: Mr. Killa, Lavaman, Luni Spark & Electrify and Terror Kid - just to name a few. He has also proven to be one of the most versatile and hard-working producers in the game. Black Majik also runs his own record labels: Maddhouse Entourage, and Redshield Recordz alongside Shilling. Majik has propelled his way into the entertainment industry, producing numerous songs from Lincoln Bosco Samuel's "Living Room" in 2000. Some of these tracks include: "Stop That", "Show Time" and "Turn Around". He later formed a musical group called "Fire Squad" with a few of his close friends. Fire Squad was an all-boys group whose final line-up comprised Black Majik, Vintage, Vigorous, Cash, Simba, Taz and Major.

The group released several songs including: "One Night Stand" and "Creeping". They also made an appearance at a concert in the Grenada National Stadium with Beenie Man and Ninja Man in the early 2000. That gig was the group's first ever professional performance which gave Black Majik the motivation to take it to the next level. Later down the road, the group parted ways for reasons unknown. BEGINNING OF CAREER In 2004, Black Majik converted his bedroom into a music studio to centre his focus, mainly, on a career in music, calling it Smoke Screen Productions. He, then, formed a new group called "Klubb Knoxx" with artist like Gino, Nasis, Sane and himself, producing strictly Hip-Hop and R&B genres. CAREER PRODUCTION In 2005, Black Majik emerged onto the Soca scene, producing a track for Elo on the "Stomped Riddim" called "Mash Dog". The song was a great hit; one of the most played that year; and continues to stimulate party-goers. He, then, distended his expertise as a Soca producer, creating infinite songs, including Synnah's "10 Jab Commandments", and Original Sans' "That Doh Bother Me".

Later down the years, he became a dominant force in Soca music in Grenada, producing for higher-profiled artists. Some of these artists include, Sheldon Douglas and Mr. Killa. Black Majik has produced numerous hits for Mr. Killa, including: "Bad Mind" on the "Bad Mind Riddem" and "Gal Yuh Bad", featuring Sizzla Kalonji. He also contributed to the productions of Mr. Killa's Soca Monarch tunes, including songs like: "Trees in the Breeze" and "All Gettonnas". Black Majik has also worked with Kemisha Francis on her album. In 2011, he rebranded his studio naming it MaddHouse Entourage, taking the artists' careers to higher levels. He went on producing several tracks of his own, including "Party 'til the Sunrise" and "Bad Gal". In 2012, He conjugated studios with Redshield Recordz and signed some au corant artists, including: Gpeck, Ayanna, Mr. Vex, QP and Groopy.

He was also approached by Anderson Quarless to play a major role in his newest film called "Twisted Desires". INFLUENCES Black Majik has named Lincoln Bosco Samuel as one of his biggest influences. He has mentioned Bosco as a major role-model during his career beginnings and has looked up to him from day one. Black Majik also cites Motown Record Company as an influence. OTHER During a scan of 12 years in music, Black Majik is destined to be a musical genius, fully developed as an artist and producer.

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