At Animal and Bug Hunters , we have been providing peace of mind since 1986. Since our humble beginnings as a animal exterminator, our commitment has been to not only provide best-in-class extermination services, but also prevent any animals from returning. After all these years, we credit our success to treating the customer right and the ongoing customer referrals.

When You Choose Animal and Bug Hunters  for Your animal Control Needs, You Can Always Rest Assured That:

  • All our employees have been hand-picked for experience, competence and courtesy.
  • We purchase all our products and equipment directly from the manufacturer and pass the savings on to you.
  • We will never add any hidden fees to your bill – the initial quote will be the all-inclusive final price.
  • We will get the job done right the first time, every time.
  • We will only use environmentally safe and responsible products.

Core Values

Ownership: We are a family owned business. Family is very important to all of us and we are very proud that we have the gift of working together and watching our family grow. We consider our company as part of the family and the work that we do reflects who and what we are as a family.

Honesty: We feel that honesty is the best policy. In a world where a customer service is dead, we feel that if we are 100% honest with our clients, we will always build stronger relationships.

Humility: We are a service company that takes great pride in the work that we do for our clients. Knowing that our clients have needs, and that they chose us to fulfill those needs, is very gratifying and reminds us to be thankful every day.

Innovative and Educational: Being creative within our industry is necessary to be able to react to the constant changing environment. By cultivating relationships with industry leaders and suppliers, we have the opportunity to not only educate our team, but also our clients. Taking the time to explain and educate, our clients know what to expect and are more willing to take part in new material testing and application protocol creating to fulfill their needs.

Be Passionate and Positive: Don’t do it if you can’t do it correctly. We feel it is necessary to follow the law and not put our clients at risk. We strive for 100% elimination with 100% satisfaction in every job we do. Helping the client understand what needs to be done will create great expectations.

Banish Bed Bugs

If you suspect that you have bed bugs, call us immediately. For effective bed bug extermination, turn to our experts.